Home & Office Cleaning Reviews

Happy Client cleaning service has been cleaning my home for 4-5 years. Tonya has used cleaners for my house who fit my schedule and family needs. They focus on specific areas as needed. Happy client does a great job cleaning my large home with lots of children and pets. House cleaning day is my favorite day of the week.

Tiffany Hines, Nashville, TN

Despite my best intentions, there are several aspects of household chores I just never “get to.” I might get to the bathroom counters, but the floors? I can stay on top of the clutter, but dust? That leaves floors, fans, dusting, vacuuming, baseboards, cabinet facings, to name a few...all the things we never get to and some we never even think about.

Then I found out about Happy Client Cleaning Service. Tonya listened to my frustrations and shared what she knows about the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves today. Then, she informed me that we could work together to customize my personal housekeeping needs.

My only concern was the cost. But I was thinking about how long it would take me. Tonya explained that since this is what she does for a living, she has a system that is fast and efficient. So we set up a monthly plan.

After a day at the office, then a couple of hours as a tutor, I drove home exhausted, thinking of the evening chore agenda. Then I remembered Tonya had come that day! I was headed home to a clean house! I felt immediately energetic and even enjoyed cooking that night.

Over the next few days, I kept noticing things she had done. Baseboards in the toilet closet! A shiny mirror over my mantle! The edges of the stairs! My house even felt bigger.

After two visits from Happy Client Cleaning Service, I am happy to say my house has been promoted to “regular maintenance!”

I highly recommend this service and treat to all hardworking people.

Catherine, Murfreesboro, TN

Happy Client Cleaning Service is a top notch company. They arrived on time and finished the cleaning job in the estimated time specified. I was very pleased with their work. It was a team of three, and they were all very nice, and very professional. My house sparkles and looks and smells cleaner than it ever was before.

Jason V., Nashville, TN

We have been using Happy Client Cleaning Service for more than five years and they have consistently provided excellent service. We initially found some other providers and were not happy with the results, lack of professionalism and overall experience.

We have an English bulldog named Sadie. She is very much a part of our family and plays a part in our decision in who we trust to come into our home. When Tonya and Marc came for the initial visit, they immediately established a relationship with Sadie. Now Sadie gets very excited when Marc and Tonya come, as she knows her “friends” are coming to play.

Whenever life has thrown a curveball of illness or family needs, they have always notified us as quickly as possible and have even made alternative arrangements for our home to be cleaned. Happy Client has always gone above and beyond to be accommodating on scheduling issues such as holidays, special events or when I wanted something extra done.

Whenever I’ve noted anything I wanted to be done differently or simply did not meet my standards, all I needed to do was communicate this and things would be done to my satisfaction. I know I can count on them to get the job done and this means a great deal to me personally.

Debbie, Murfreesboro, TN

Happy Client Cleaning is the best house cleaning company I have ever used. I trust them to be in my home when I'm not there. They're great at dealing with our dogs and cats, and they cleaned our home in great detail in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend them for a deep clean if you need it, as well as, a regular every other week clean for general upkeep. They have a passion for cleaning that is unmatched by every other company I have used in the past.

Meg Shike, Nashville, TN