About Happy Client Cleaning Service

Serving Nashville and Middle TN

Happy Client Cleaning Service was founded in 2001 when Tonya Seitzman realized her “clean gene” could be of use to others. She decided to combine her love of cleaning and her heart for people into a Nashville based cleaning company.

Happy Client Cleaning addresses the issues common to considering a cleaning service: Each member of our team is professional and arrives on time every time. We follow clients’ specifications at every visit, even if it means coming back to address anything that hasn’t met your expectations.

We welcome your questions. Submit an inquiry about our cleaning services or the Nashville areas that we serve. Or call us at 615-415-9846.

Why Choose Happy Client Cleaning Service?

  • We make entertaining less stressful. (Imagine not having to cook and clean before company comes!)
  • We lighten the load for retirees.
  • A clean house can lead to a “sold” house for realtors.
  • A tidy workspace means more efficient workflow!
  • We provide a much needed break to working parents and new moms.
  • We use safe, effective and natural cleaning products from Melaleuca, the wellness company. Please visit Melaleuca to learn more about the cleaning products we use. While you are there, look at all the other better, safer, and more natural products they offer in supplements, laundry, beauty, healthy foods and drinks, medicines and treatments, home fragrance, and essential oils.

  See our full list of house cleaning services.

We make the everyday housework a lot less “work” for you!